September 21, 2015

To apply at a big company, you first need a resume. Which is a pretty different monster than a Curriculum Vitae. I first read the chapter in Cracking The Coding Interview to get some tips. I downloaded their format, took some information from my LinkedIn profile and added some Github projects. It looked like this.

I gave it to one of my friends and the feedback was all negative. His most important point was “dude, I don’t know what are your strengths”. After some more fiddling with every line of it, I arrived at the second version.

Finally, another friend comes and says that I must get all the information in just a single page. So, I trim most of the unnecessary stuff and arrive at my last version.

As layout and typography tips, I’ve used only two columns and everything is Helvetica. I’ve also cut from the margins so that everything can fit in a single page. Bolding keywords has also recommended because HR people scan only for them.

For content, I’ve moved the awards section to be in the second place because everybody told me that it’s the best, even though they are not really top notch. I’ve also dropped the other 2 projects I did in my high-school years, and only focused on a single one I’ve finished this summer. Theodor also recommended me this good article.

Finally, you will get friends that tell you to remove the education section altogether and friends who say you should add courses you’ve done in university. Just go with your guts when conflicting opinions appear.