September 29, 2015

Recently I’ve discovered It’s a website where you select three time intervals, some topics and your chosen programming language and in the end you are paired with another peer to take a mock interview. You first get by email a problem that you use to interview your partner, together with tips and some solutions.

You then show up on the website at the specified time. An editor pops with a problem statement and and you begin a video call with another programmer. You have 30 minutes to solve the problem, while he acts as an interviewer. After you give a solution and write the code, it’s your turn to act as an interviewer. Everything is free of charge.

I can say that taking an interview on was one of the best decisions ever. First, I discovered that it’s really shitty to do an interview with my phone headphones. You have to keep the microphone close to the mouth with a hand and write code with the other hand.

Then, there’s the language barrier. The guy was Indian and had an accent. There was a little difficulty to talk, but we took examples in the editor and we managed to communicate better.